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Why Your Children Should Be Wearing High Viz Clothing

Hi viz clothing for children is a must have for the concerned parent. These nifty garments can prevent many accidents and harm from happening to your children, especially if they are in school or in situations where they won’t always be under constant supervision.

A few of the situations in which high viz clothing for children can be helpful is camping, walking to and from school, field trips, bike rides, an outing with the family and many more. When you’re camping in an area with a lot of wilderness, high vis clothing will help your child to be found if they get lost. They’ll be visible and easy to spot from a distance, enabling search parties to see them from ease. In extreme cases where they go missing in a large area, high viz clothing will also make it much easier for search helicopters to spot them.

While that example was a bit dramatic, it can happen to anyone. A more common use for high viz clothing for children is when they are walking to school or home from school. If you live close by or if your child uses a bus stop, it’s not uncommon for them to have to walk a short distance. You can make sure that any cars on the road see them by giving them high viz clothing to wear while walking. School field trips with young children usually have a rule that all children should be wearing bright colors to make them stand out from a crowd and you can help to make sure your child is kept safe by giving them high viz clothes to wear for their school trips.

If your child is an avid cyclist, high viz gear is crucial. Reflective stickers on the bike are the first step, but high viz biking clothes and helmets are the ultimate in safety. Make sure your child wears this even if they are going on a ride with adults, you can never be too safe. A child that is well educated on road safety and wears high viz clothing is much safer than a child that is not prepared for the dangers of the roads.

These are only a few of the situations in which high viz clothing for children can be useful. As a parent, it’s natural to want to protect your child, but you often can’t keep an eye on them all the time or restrict their movement. Children need to learn how to be independent and develop survival skill, but you can give them the right gear to keep them safe as they navigate the world. Equal measures of education and safety gear are what help children to grow up to be responsible and safe adults that don’t behave recklessly.

Teachers and schools also have a responsibility to educate children at school about safety, but it is your sole responsibility to equip them with the right clothing to keep them safe.